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The Chorus

Since its founding in 1945, there have been thousands of singers in the Galesburg Community Chorus. Although all records of the individual performers have not been located for the first 50 years, there have been over 650 singers in the past 27 seasons alone. As a non-auditioned choir focusing on classical music, the Chorus provides an outlet for singers to perform challenging music and shares that music with the community. Chorus members range from gifted life-long musicians to persons who simply love to sing, including members from students to senior citizens.

The singers come from a variety of locations and pasts, and all are welcome.


Lindsay Bailey

Emma Burrell

Carole Buebe

Janice Cunningham

Emily DeBenedetto

Jennifer Gallas

Maria Kaoutzani

Emily Kilgore

Julie King

Rilee Lash

Hilary Lehmann

Kaitlyn McCullough

Sunshine Regiacorte

Peggy Roberts

Leanna Whitaker


Jaynee Bowker

Liz Carlin Metz

Jessa Dahl

Amy Donaldson

Laura Duncan

Anita Hardeman

Kathleen Harger

Janine Hawkinson

Louise Hiett

Megan Holevoet

Basia Krol

Jan Lundeen

Cecilia Magana

Alyssa Mathias

Mary Panther

Karen Truelove

Jackie Urban

Abigail Zayas


Doug Alderman

Krista Bowers Sharpe

Will Culbertson

Evan Gagliardo

Lyle Hawkinson

K Krewer

Susan Lyon

John Mattan

Tom Moses

Alexander Silber

Randy Sperry

James Thrall


Thomas Bell

Tom Clark

Greg Davies

Nick Elders

Greg Etzel

Zach Lundquist

Paul Newhall

Luke Pratt

Chuck Schulz

Craig Southern

Morris Vos

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