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Silent Art Auction

The Chorus is excited to host a Silent Art Auction at our fall and spring concerts.

This auction will begin as soon as attendees arrive, and continue

approximately 30 minutes after the performance. 

Thanks to the generosity of the following artists/owners, 100% of bids

at our spring concert will go to the Galesburg Community Chorus for future programming. The artwork which will be available

at the Silent Auction is featured below. 

Rich Ankeney

Michael Buebe

Joenne Courtney

Basia Krol

Liz Metz

Julie Van Fleet

Jane Youngquist







If you are interested in donating a piece of art, please contact the Business Manager.

We would like to thank these artists/owners who have donated their work in the past:

Michael Buebe

Anne Carman-Hendel

Joenne Courtney

Jerry Hendel

Basia Krol

Liz Metz

Karen Noble

Janis Mars Wunderlich

Jane Inness Youngquist

Jane Youngquist_edited.jpg
Basia Krol_edited.jpg
Rich Ankeney_edited.jpg
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